Investment Properties in Toronto:

A large part of my business is working with investors. A plan that includes investment property is a great way to get ahead in life. Let’s look at a couple of reasons why:

Potential appreciation of a highly leveraged asset:  You invest a relatively small amount of your money, and borrow the rest, often much much more, from a lender. If you purchase a property using a significant amount of debt relative to equity, the investment is said to be “highly leveraged”

If you have 10,000 to invest in a Toronto property and you use leverage and borrow $90,000 from a bank. By combining your equity with the money loaned to you, you are now able to buy a $100,000 asset.

Let’s assume that each year, for 10 years, your investment property will appreciate by 5%. Here is where being able to leverage works for you. The appreciation is on the entire $100,000 asset. For example:

Year 0: $100,000       *1.05 (appreciation)

Year 1: $105,000        *1.05 (appreciation)

Year 2 $110,250          *1.05 (appreciation)

….Year 10: $162,889

Cash is King: Income properties are occupied by tenants. That means you will be receiving rental income.

Rental income from tenants can be used to amortize your mortgage. Over time with a 25 or 30 year mortgage, your payments pay off the principal and interest. Leaving more money in your pocket. The longer you hold the property, the more of the loan and principal the tenants are paying down and the more wealth you are creating for yourself.

Accounting: There are also huge tax write-offs for income property.

With so many properties in Toronto and options out there, where should you buy? The most important role I play with investors is steering them away from the bad and towards the good when it comes to picking a solid investment.

Is it smart to buy several units in the same building? Or how about even the same neighbourhood?  Do you know what the future holds for an area? Are you making the best choice to capitalize on future development, expansion and infrastructure projects such as public transportation

Imagine if you made a decision that also factored in government, businesses, shopping, schools, zoning, traffic, exposure, demographics… Lot’s to consider. There are several reasons why some investors fare better than others.

Make no mistake, income properties in Toronto can a source of frustration. It’s not as easy as picking stocks – you can’t do it in your basement while wearing pajamas.  However, if you are committed, have a plan and approach it with a long term view, it can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Care to find out more on investing in income properties in Toronto and get started on your goals for building wealth? Call or message me today.  My team of professionals is ready to help!

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